September 21, 2017

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Hydro-therapeutic Massage

September 21, 2017


What is Hydro-therapeutic massage?


-That is a good question, hydrotherapy is the use of heat and cold often times using water, which is why it’s called hydrotherapy. Forms of hydrotherapy are, sauna, hot tub, warm and cool showers, ice packs, heating pads, hot packs, hot stones, alternating hot and cold therapy, warm towels, and steam inhalation. Most times you will find heat packs, cold packs, hot stones, and warm towels, when it comes to getting a massage.


Why would I choose to have a hydrotherapy treatment?


-This is a great treatment if you have inflammation, tension, stress, joint and muscles problems, headaches, colds, arthritis, sleep disorder, or depression. Say you’re shoulder is inflamed from keeping it above your head too long for painting, icing it is a perfect way to calm inflammation. What if you’re at work and the stress is causing your chronic back pain to flare up, when you get home, use heat to soothe chronic pain. Heat is a known stress reducer, so what better way to relieve stress than with a massage the incorporates heat. You have a nasty headache and its been hanging on for days, a great way to relieve it is to put an ice pack wrapped on the back of the neck and immerse your in nice warm to hot water. This not only reduces the inflammation causing the headache but also pulls blood flow away from the effected area, reducing pressure.


When would you suggest I try a massage with hydrotherapy?


-Anytime, if you don’t have any problems that could be complicated by increased or reduced blood flow. Often times a massage therapist will use hydrotherapy just to help in the relaxation process, plus a warm towel can feel amazing, as well as helping to clean off any excess oils from an area that has been worked on.


Where would I go for hydrotherapy massage?



-Any licensed massage therapist can perform hydrotherapy treatment, some may choose not to for various reasons. A lot of massage therapists do use it, just in the general course of a session, you need only ask if they do and what kinds of hydrotherapy are available, ie; hot stone, ice pack, warm towels.


I personally love using hydrotherapy for all the benefits it brings. Increased blood flow, reduced inflammation, relaxation, and I’ve used it to get rid of my own headaches. My daughter injured her knee and I told her to R.I.C.E. it, she looked at me funny, then I told her the best way to deal with a new injury like that is to rest - ice - compress - and elevate. The next morning she was like “Mom my knee feels sooo much better, thank you.”


Thank you for reading this blog, hopefully it had some good information for you. Until next time!


Tayleena Gloss

Licensed Massage Therapist

Heart & Hands Healing Massage

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I'm busy working on my blog posts. Watch this space!

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