Welcome to Heart & Hands Healing Massage.

I am open for business! However at this time I am not accepting new clients. I appreciate your interest and wish you the very best in finding an amazing therapist.

-Your source for expert, skilled, pain-relieving massage therapy, that is specialized for back and neck pain problems.


-Whiplash, headache, muscle injury, massage can ease pain, promote healing, help you sleep, reduce stress, and increase mobility.


-Every massage is tailored to each clients specific pain and pressure tolerance. We can establish a care plan that works best with your needs.

Founded in 2017 by Tayleena Gloss, LMT, licensed since 2010. This is a valuable resource in Yamhill County for those that are suffering from Back and Neck pain, the stress it causes, and the restless nights it gives you.

Myofascial Release
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Back Massage, low back, deep pressure, light pressure