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Resources page for trusted Health associates and other helpful links.

Dr. Lanning is an excellent Chiropractor. He helped me recover from a car accident in 2010.

2300 SW 2nd St, Ste C
McMinnville, OR 97128
Phone: (503) 474-0664

The Staff is very friendly, Dr. Dickson is a second generation Naturopath and has some excellent alternatives for healing and health. If you are looking outside of the norm for a doctor Dr. Dickson is an excellent choice.

119 NE 3rd Street

McMinnville, OR 97128

Phone: (503) 434-6515

Lisa Pool LAc is a very professional and friendly acupunturist. She is all about providing the best wellness plan she can for you. She works well with other medical professionals to help you heal.

119 NE 3rd St. 

McMinnville, OR 97128

Phone: (503) 474-7446

Nathan Garretson is an awesome acupuncturist. He helped me reduce the frequency of my migraines, and it's been a blessing.

150 South Maple Street

Yamhill, OR 97148

Phone: (541) 914-6299


Stones leading on

I am a NLP Master Practitioner now, helping people to:

Let go feelings of


-Not good enough

-Negative emotions ie Fear (anxiety), Sadness, Hurt, Anger

119 NE 3rd St

McMinnville, OR 97128

Phone: (503) 474-8627

Call or Text with any questions or to schedule a massage today
(971) 241-5921
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